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Apart from the Book of Revelations, The Epistle to the Romans has made some of the most significant contributions into our Christian walk today. Beginning with Chapter #1, Paul uses the local knowledge of “Power” as the instrument to illustrate the “The Gospel as the Power to save”

He makes it known that everyone needs the unmerited favour of God – Grace.  No one is excluded. The Gentiles for their worship of the created things and the Jews for their inability to fulfill the law they have used to judge others!

However the love of God reaches each one of us where we are for – whilst we were still sinners Christ came and died for us!

Therefore Paul calls all who have believed to enjoy their emancipation form the tyranny of sin and live a life controlled by the Spirit

In this book we find the correlation between Paul and Moses for their love for the Jewish Nation, the position of Believers, Baptism, and many more unfolding themes

All in all this results in a life transforming portion of Scripture that I hope you find deserving to be studied just as I discovered. The lessons are to be applied to our everyday existence if we are to access the power locked up in these words.


This book illustrates profound truths about:

  • Dual birth of Jesus
  • God’s power to save anyone
  • The Believers Power
  • The Role of the Holy Spirit
  • Discipleship
  • Prayer nuggets
  • Leadership
  • Sacrifice
  • Transformation
  • Enrichment


Book of Romans: – A 4.5 Star Review By Student – Anna Gaston

“This course is a match for me. It is very informative and enjoyable. This is an excellent course. I am obtaining much insight from this course. Thank you.”


We learn:

  • What is the message of the book of Romans?
  • What can we learn from the book of Romans?
  • What was Paul’s purpose in writing Romans?
  • Who is the book of Romans written to?

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to gain more Bible knowledge
  • A serious Christian
  • An avid Bible reader
  • Anyone seeking the truth