In this course we will be making 5 different dynamic transitions for navbars or menus links, using Html, Css and keyframes only.

To display the menu for the menus that have a hamburguer Icon, we will make a very simple function with javascript.

First Menu:

Gradient Transition

You will learn to apply a gradient bottom line to the menu links when they are hovered by using only html and Css.

The bottom line will move smooth from left to right.

Second Menu:

Vertical Boxes

You will learn Learn how to make a Hamburguer Icon with two lines that will transform on an “X” Icon applying the properties transform and transition.

Also you will make a vertical menu with links inside transitioning boxes that will be displaying slowly with a keyframes animation.

Third Menu:

Horizontal Boxes

We will be using the same Icon transition of our “Vertical Boxes” menu but displayed on the left side of our page.

The menu links boxes are round on the corners with a light yellow background that get brighter once we hover them.

Fourth Menu:

Changing colors

You will learn how to increase the size of the links text and change colors once you hover them using keyframes.

Also learn how to make an opening hamburguer Icon transition

Fifth Menu:

Cubic bezier Transition

Learn how to do a horizontal menu with links that transition with cubic-bezier into a bright color when over them.

The effect looks like a liquid transition. The links hovered color will get darker from left to right.