Learn and master the English conditionals.

What are conditionals in English grammar?

You might have heard people calling them ‘if clauses’. What they do is to describe the result of something that might happen (in the present or future) or might have happened but didn’t (in the past) . They are made by using different English verb tenses.

It might become a little bit confusing, but do not worry! That’s why we are here!

In this course you will learn:

  • What the English Conditionals are.
  • How many types there are.
  • How to use each type correctly.
  • How to use and form the condition, by using different words instead of “If”.
  • What are the different modal verbs that can be used to form each conditional and how to use them.
    You will find exercises and examples in every chapter to ensure your understanding and by the end of this course you will have fully understood the English Conditionals. You will gain confidence in using each form in your everyday interactions.
    This course is for Upper- intermediate and Advanced level students, and English educators who need to refresh their memory or use as a helping guide for their lessons.The language used is British English.