This course was made as a First hands-on material for those who are looking for core concepts about the digital marketing and the e-commerce Industry, Is a full mixure of Different material – Slides, Videos, Articles and Why not Survey!

It gives a full explanation about the Market Labor Ethics and the evolution of it: From different  perspectives such as Organization, Management and much more.

A full insight about the marketers risponsabilities and position, and how you can invest some skills in different domains.

Why are skills in digital marketing and e-commerce in such high demand? One reason is that the world is undergoing a digital transformation. A growing number of people get their news and information online and through digital subscriptions instead of from television, radio, or printed publications.

As a result, marketing professionals recognize that they must connect with potential customers using digital media. Similarly, for some businesses, revenue from online sales can equal or even exceed revenue from in-store purchases. Businesses must grow their online sales competitively and retain both types of customers.

This course has weekly assignments. You can complete them at your own pace; however, the weekly assignments are designed to help you finish the program in two weeks or fewer. Refer to the information below about weekly progression for this course.

Is for Beginners and Is No limit age restriction, No experience required!