My name is Jacob and I’m happy to share with you my How to Hack WiFi Networks for Beginners + Basic WiFi Theory course. This is my first course with Udemy & hopefully one of many. My experience is 6 years of exploiting simple and complex communication systems, networks and machines. This experience is a mix of self taught and training through external private companies. Some of my qualifications include, Diploma in Information Technology, SANS SEC617 Wireless Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking and currently studying a Masters Degree in Cyber Security.

This course will cover everything you need to get started on your WiFi hacking journey. I’ll show you:

  • Basic WiFi theory so you have a general understanding of the technology before exploiting it- This includes Wifi releases, bands, a general overview, basic terminology, how encryption works & how exploit it as well as a free cheat sheet for you to download and reference back to.
  • How to download and install Kali Linux + Virtual Box
  • How to set up your wireless card – side note: you will need to purchase a wireless card for use in this course!
  • Basic Linux commands and navigating through linux
  • Performing Deauth attacks
  • How to crack WPA and WPA2 passwords
  • Cracking passwords using WPS
  • Finding hidden wireless networks
  • Open source tools such as Reaver, Crunch and Wifite
  • Creating your own evil twin access point

Videos will be recorded as a follow along, so everything that you need to do, you’ll visually see myself doing on the screen.

I hope you enjoy the course, if you have any questions please do ask! I’ll aim to get back to them as soon as possible.

Thank you!